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Sunday, 4 November 2012

The Lady In White

Just finished the 3rd in our ongoing Supernatural series of work. Based around The Lady In White a ghostly figure that's been seen through history every where from lonely roads sides, grave yards to old hotels and inns.

The Lady In White

This one is The Lady In White that's often been seen in Kirkleatham Village, Kirkleatham, Redcar By The Sea. She is said to be seen walking her way through the graveyard across the road. Drivers have said they have stopped only for her to disappear, some drivers had said they have driven straight through her.

So when walking through Kirkleatham late at night beware.

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Monday, 29 October 2012

Boro's Dark Knight

Been busy finishing off an original DigiArt / GrimArt for a private client introduced to me by the mysterious Green Man a villain in the making. The client is a local batman fanatic who had imported a replica batman suite from America.

The brief was simple but complicated to create an original artwork with a similar feel to the new batman posters from the dark knight rises.

Batman - Shadow Thoughts

A behind the scenes video showing how this shot was composited during post production Click Here

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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

The Cowboy James Storm A Perfect Storm

Here a near finished draft shot for Impact Wrestling of the legend The Cowboy James Storm. A challenging shot with a lot of post production work just over 4hrs work and a hugh Tiff file.

The Cowboy James Storm - A Perfect Storm

More shot to come over the following months so watch this space.

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Sunday, 7 October 2012

Saltburn's Biggest Storm Hits Wedding Couple

Saltburn's been hit with its biggest storm to date during a wedding couples happy day. The stunned couple looked on as chaos rained around them.
A local farmer was heard saying "there goes my daisy"

Tidal We Part

This is a shot done at a wedding from 2 weeks ago I was booked by the couple Mr & Mrs Buckley to do their wedding. During the consultation they asked to have some shots done on Saltburn Pier Saltburn by the sea. Then the ideas started to flow I thought what a great opportunity to create something a little different something other local wedding photographers can't do something original that would allow me to show off a little.

The idea was born lets stick the happy couple in the middle of a natural disaster with twisters, tidal waves and all sorts of chaos. I also wanted to include as many of the local landmarks and attractions as possible yeah cool idea.

Tidal We Part

Then reality kicked in, its not that I could not pull this shot off I have done his kind of work many times before for my commercial clients. The hard part was getting my head round how to put the idea together how to get the idea from a thought to visual image.

The shot started as 2 photographs from the wedding day the Bride and Groom and the other shot being Saltburn Pier. Everything else in the shot was then drawn in by me during post production. So from concept to finished shot all work was done by me.

Well as you can see from the 90% finished work I nailed it the original Tiff file is over 720megs with over 70 plus composite lays to make up this image and just over 21hrs work.

End result what the happy couple wanted a shot that was original, a shot that's not been done before.

Tidal We Part

Cha Ching !
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Thursday, 6 September 2012

GrimLighting By A GrimLighter

Between 1986 - 2010 I strived to create my own style of imagery / photography. I was inspired by many over these years Dave Hill in particular.

I have always had a gift for creating images that would amaze and astound those that would see my work but I could never fully understand why. You should be a professional, make a living from my gift.

Over these years I worked, I sweated, I bled blood and tears perfecting my technique my look, my unnamed style. Over this time with experience I began to realise why people commented on my work in the way they did and still do.

GrimLighting is what I came up with I had to give my style a name but if I had a style what would a person be called that practiced this style ? This would be a GrimLighter of course so what's this all about.

There have been many lighting styles over the years many prodigy photographers that have tried to create something new and fresh. This is needed to drive new creativity with in the photography sector but also with in the advertising industry.

GrimLighting what's different about this style of work, this style of photography. Why have I put so much time, life and effort into perfecting this.

GrimLighting is a style that is unique because it's all done by one person. Everything from the lighting, concept, post production right through to the finished product. This is what a GrimLighter does this is what a GrimLighter practices the art of GrimLighting the individual complete package.

Trust me when I say this, this is not only rare but does not belong until now. Let me explain this a little more clarify if you will.

With in the imagery industry, commercial, product, photography, glamour, fashion every thing you see in magazines the very images you see with every waking day. These are all created pretty much in the same way.

A design company comes up with a concept, graphic artist tries to put this together as a working practical idea, a professional photographer is brought in to capture and light the image, the image is then passed onto a professional re-touching company a post production company or specialist.

So no one individual creates the finished image. This is my main bug bare the reason why I had to create something new something not been done something where people who practice the new style can belong and have a name to go with the style.

Going back to what is GrimLighting what a GrimLighter is what makes a GrimLighter unique and it's this.

A GrimLighter is the whole deal the complete package a GrimLighter is a complete one man artist, one man photographer, a one man post production specialist. Every single step through the above process is all down to one individual no third party doing the work for you.

Trust me when I say this is both unique and very rare to have an individual that can bring a complete package like this to both the table and the industry. This individual now has a name a badge a label they can where a be proud of you are a GrimLighter a passionate and committed creative master that practices the unique and rare art of GrimLighting.

This is a new beginning a new style that should be valued above all others as we GrimLighters practice nothing but the very best in lighting, post production, from concept to the finished article. We can truly and individually say that this is my work, this has been done by me and be proud.

I am the first I am the creator of this new style come and join me come and belong. Be a GrimLighter and practice GrimLighting and show the world what we can really do lets change, let's revolutionise.

I am Grimlight and the first GrimLighter, I am proud to be called a GrimLighter and a practising pioneer of the art of GrimLighting.

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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

MMA Mo Lawal - Impact Wrestling

Just been putting the finishing touches on a draft shot for Impact Wrestling with MMA super star Mo Lawal.

Mo Lawal - Breaking The Rules

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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

New Website In Development & Goodies

Well it's long over due. Busy putting new designs together and designing a new website for both Digital Dennis and GrimLight.

New look and more importantly branding and business identity.

The new websites will also bring new products and services for my existing clients and potential new clients.

Also foundations are being put in place for GrimLight Consulting which will bring new lighting techniques to the market GrimLighting more on this over the coming months.

New products on the way with Digital Dennis for both wedding and portrait customers along with a few surprises for later this year.

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Monday, 7 May 2012

Religion - Drops Of Faith

A personal project just finished today I wanted to do something out of the norm.  An image that hopefully stops people and make you thing about this image.  I wanted to create an image that has many under tones hence this piece if work. Religion - Drops Of Faith

Saturday, 9 August 2008

Carte D'or Ooooooooo Laaaaaaa La

Got to be one of the best ice creams next to ben and jerry's shear heaven and another shot for the porfolio.

These shots where taken with a Nikon D200 with a 17-55mm f/2.8 DX lense and lighting was provided using a SB800 to the right and an SB600 to the left they where triggered using Nikons CLS system. These where also shot on a blue chroma screen and the background where added during post production.

Bud Of My Life

Bud is simply one of he best beers in the world.

These shots where taken with a Nikon D200 with a 17-55mm f/2.8 DX lense and lighting was provided using a SB800 to the right and an SB600 to the left they where triggered using Nikons CLS system. These where also shot on a blue chroma screen and the background where added during post production.