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Sunday, 15 June 2008

Chroma Screen What ?

Chroma screen what is it you may ask this until recently has always belonged to big budget movies studios. Chroma screen is a process where a subject is filmed or photographed again either a blue or green screen this is done so the subject at a later stage of post production can then be removed from the blue or green screen then be composited on to another backdrop or image.

Think Star Wars all the action scenes where shot on giant green screens the actors when then put into another scene with armies behind them fighting. This technique is called Chroma screen shooting.

For example the shot below is a shot of a Creative Zen Micro MP3 player shot on a blue chroma screen.

The Creative Zen Micro Player was later removed from this blue chroma screen during post production. This was done with photoshop using colour selection layers to remove the Zen Micro MP3 player onto a separate layer with out the blue background. It was then later added to a water fall as part of a design brief the finished image is below to show you just how effective this technique can be and how you are only restricted by you own creativity.

This is what Chroma Screen work is all about.

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