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Thursday, 29 May 2008

King Of Shaves

King Of Shaves is well know to all you young stallions out there chasing he ladies below is a product shot done using Nikon's CLS system.

The above shot was taken in a lighting cube with a blue chroma screen background more on this later. Lighting was provided by a single Nikon SB600 Flash Gun that was triggered by another SB800 Flash Gun which was mounted on a Nikon D200 set to remote mode.

Then in post production the background was then removed and the one above was then hand drawn and added with a little extra work then done on both the contrast and the lighting and shadow detail.

Strobist What ?

Strobist what is it and what's it all about?

Strobist is a method of lighting used by professional photographers as an alternative to a full blown studio lighting. Studio lighting usually uses various large lighting setup which need mains power these are big heavy setups and not very practical when on location.

This is where strobist lighting comes in this can be a mixture of smaller battery powered lighting but more commonly this is usually based around several flash head units.

Flash head units are the Flash Guns that are usually used fixed to the main camera they are made by multiple manufacturers and the list is growing the main companies are Nikon, Cannon, Sigma and Metz to name a few.

Nikon currently have the best lighting solution which utilises Nikon CLS system ( creative lighting system ). This system allows unlimited flash guns to be setup to work together and they can be triggered using an infra red communication or by using remote triggers or even Nikon own inbuilt commander mode which is build in to most of Nikon SLR camera's.

The flagship flash gun made by Nikon is the SB800 this is one of the most advanced flash guns currently available and this can control up to 3 sets of flash guns remotely with unlimited flash guns in each of the 3 sets. This also includes being able to adjust each of the flash gun sets power output from just one flash gun with out having to adjust each of individual flash guns one by one.

So there you are a you now know what a strobist is !